Vitality Vending of Eastern PA, has done a terrific job of growing their business into the local schools and workout facilities. Just recently they have added another school to their growing number of locations. A full news article is available for you to read if you want to know more.

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Healthy Vending Takes a Bite Out of West Shore Schools

High School Students Embrace Healthy Snack Options

The West Shore School District is making waves in healthy eating choices for its students. In a unanimous vote on Thursday night, the school board approved a sponsorship agreement for a healthy-snack vending machine at Red Land High School. This follows the successful installation of a similar machine at Cedar Cliff High School back in March.

The machines, provided by Vitality Vending of Gettysburg, offer students a variety of healthy options like protein bars, nuts, and granola treats. This shift towards healthier choices is a welcome change, promoting good nutrition among students.

A Win-Win for Schools and Students

The partnership with Vitality Vending proves beneficial for both the schools and students. Since March, the district has seen around $500 in revenue from sales at Cedar Cliff’s machine, according to Assistant Superintendent Todd Stoltz. These funds are generated through sponsorships and advertising managed by Market Street Sports Group, the district’s exclusive marketing agent.

vending machines in High school

Healthy Snacks are a Hit

School board member Ronald Candioto confirms the popularity of the healthy vending option at Cedar Cliff. “Even my grandchild attends there,” he said, “and I hear the healthy snacks sell out quickly!” This positive response highlights the student demand for nutritious on-the-go options.

The success of the healthy vending machines at both Cedar Cliff and soon at Red Land High School paves the way for a potentially district-wide initiative, promoting student health and responsible snacking habits.