Why Healthy Vending

Over 500 people just like you have followed our proven blueprint for success. They brought healthy snacks and drinks to their local communities while building themselves a successful passive income business. 

The potential of the Industry

How often is it that a person is presented a ground floor opportunity in 2 highly successful businesses?

The vending industry alone is a $21.6 billion dollar industry. When paired with the health and wellness industry that's $202 billion, you're presented with a prime opportunity for explosive growth.

The healthy vending market is still in its infancy. Everything from gyms, schools, places of business, to experience parks and facilities has seen substantial growth.  Right now, the market is continuing to grow, and we see room for hundreds, or thousands, more operators in the marketplace.

Billion Dollar Vending Industry
Billion Health and Wellness Industry

The Vast MAJORITY of Americans are Interested in HEALTHY Eating

Number of Americans looking for healthy food while shopping

Always 43%
Sometimes 52%
Never 5%

Source: International Food Information Council

Is it easy or difficult to find healthy food?

Easy 28%
Moderate 61%
Difficult 11%

the new vending model

H4U combines the state of the art vending machines with the industry insights of high traffic locations to create a scalable business model.

Cutting Edge Technology 

Our machines utilize remote access technology, allowing for 24-hour online remote access to view sales figures, inventory needs, and maintenance requirements from any web enabled device.


We use cutting edge technology to allow our machines to accept credit and debit cards (magnetic or the newer RFID Cards are accepted), Google Wallet, and the Apple Pay technologies. 


The ADAII is NAMA Certified, ADA Compliant, and the only Healthy Vending Machine equipped with GFCI Compliant power cords (required in Government Buildings).


See why H4U receives, an industry leading, A+ BBB Rating

Made in the USA

Our Healthy Vending Machines are manufactured in a union factory in Iowa.