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How the H4U model Sets You Apart

Gain a Competitive Advantage

We take pride in identifying the best locations for your healthy vending route. We have a dedicated team that solely sources high foot traffic locations, ensuring healthy and consistent margins.

Get training & ongoing support

At H4U, we offer consistent training throughout your journey. Whether you're in the first year of your business or fifth, we understand there are different stages. Tailored training is essential. 

Grow your business

The beauty of the vending model lies within the scalability. Vending provides the option of adding additional machines to increase your market reach. 

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What People Are Saying About H4U Vending

I invested in Healthier 4U in December 2017 with an initial order of 10 machines. I'll be expanding my business with them a little later this year. My experience with H4U has been positive and, while it does take work and hustle, my return on my initial investment has been more robust than expected. I look forward to growing with Healthier 4U in the coming years.

Blair Kasfeldt

“I currently own 18 of these of these machines. I started my company affiliation with H4U June 2018 with 15 machines. I had a positive experience with this franchise personally and no regrets. They provided training and helped me find my locations. Everyone I interacted with from H4U have been incredibly knowledgeable and nice. I still get contacted from them now and then to make sure I'm doing well. I can't complain about the income the machines bring in either! I have some machines that need to be filled every day. The online system that they use is awesome! I would recommend this franchise.”

Nicole Bramley

Healthier4U has been great to work with from the initial purchase of my machines to still being engaged and making sure my business is growing. I started with 5 machines in August 2018, now I have 38 machines a year later. I've owned other businesses before and worked in a franchise system. I wouldn't have made that investment if I didn't believe in the product and the team at Healthier4U. My Instagram is @healthygainsvending Feel free to send me a DM if you have questions about my experience.

Matt Dayton