Our mission is to empower every person with the tools and knowledge to pursue financial freedom

Healthier4U Vending was designed to be a healthy vending company from inception. There is no legacy of vending traditional products, eliminating the excess baggage and bad business practices. We designed a company to compete, and win, when it comes to healthy vending.

Meet the Founders

Father and Son duo Del and Brian Swain, founders of Healthier4U Vending, entered the vending market with a combined 75 Years of entrepreneurial experience, and some 40 years of business start-up expertise but no background in vending. The original concept was to bring healthy vending to the masses using the best in manufacturing, software, and business training. Our core values remain the same today as we constantly engineer and upgrade the machines, the technologies used, and even the training and locating platforms.

CEO & Co-Founder

Brian Swain

"Healthier4U is about more than just machines and locations; it’s about you. The Blueprint to success that my Father and I designed, will help both new and experienced business owners build a business that provides healthy choices and healthy profits. Pun intended! Our team of professionals are experts in success, and that is exactly how we built it to be."

President & Co-Founder

Del Swain

"Traditionally vending was a market I avoided because I didn’t like the products and the industry has a checkered reputation. Only when I saw the huge potential of Healthy Vending Machines provided with locations and real business training did I seriously consider this industry.”

H4U is headquartered in Las Vegas, serving affiliates throughout the country.


Affiliates Nationwide


Vending Machines

10+ Years

Founded in 2011