The Potential Profit of Healthy Vending

Large outlets like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s realized long ago that consumers are willing to spend a little bit more if it means what they’re getting is healthier and of higher quality. This isn’t just true of grocery stores. It’s a principle seen throughout the spectrum of the economy.

And when the convenience of healthier vending machines is combined with the principles of paying for quality, it’s easy to see how much higher the potential profit margins are with a healthier vending machine business.

Imagine the average customer is even mildly concerned with their health. When they arrive at a row of vending machines, they’re presented with many options. The traditional chips, sodas, or snacks are often rather cheap.

A single dollar can go a long way in those machines. But when placed next to a healthier vending machine, the true value becomes apparent.

The rampant availability of unhealthy options in society has led to the perception that cheap food is inherently worse for us than more expensive options.

So even though you could make a profit selling your healthier vending machine options for similar prices to unhealthy selections, and people would still buy your products due to the healthy nature, by increasing the printed cost you can increase your profit and potentially drive more sales.

Just think how much you’d expect to spend on the average trip to Whole Foods? It’s a lot more than regular chain grocery store. But you’re willing to pay it because of the perception that the health and quality is superior.

Now you don’t have to buy a Whole Foods franchise to experience the same profit potential.

Healthier vending machine businesses are available for much less than an entire store — but with the same high profit value.

Healthier 4U Vending of America – Business Opportunity

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