It’s too easy to dismiss vending machines as novelties or devices to only be utilized for spur-of-the-moment snacking. Thanks to the advent of healthier vending machines, the industry is changing to become more socially responsible and relevant.

The healthier we all become as a society, the less we spend collectively on healthcare and the more productive we are as a nation. Given the typically busy schedule of the average American, and our deep national love of vending machines, healthier vending machine business owners are in a prime position to help society through providing healthier options and educating users on their benefits.

Convenience is often a prime factor in the choices we make. If the unhealthy options are more convenient, they may be selected more often. By helping to increase the availability of healthier vending machines throughout the country, franchisees are able to give their fellow citizens the opportunity to eat healthier without having to alter their daily routines. And the more prolific we can make healthier vending machines, the more that message will spread.

Each of our healthier vending machines is like a free-standing advertisement for healthier food. They show that healthier options are always available and they distinguish between healthy and unhealthy choices. And the placement can increase the impact even more.

Many schools have removed vending machines entirely. But an increasing number are opting for our healthier vending machines. They provide students with nutritious options, and they help educate the next generation on the importance of healthier choices.

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