Taking advantage of every possible placement is the best way to keep your healthy vending machine business thriving. That could mean casting a wide net all over town, or consolidating your healthy vending machines on a single campus. So many options exist that finding the best location for your healthy vending machine will feel like Business 101.

Consider College Campuses, The Perfect Places For H4U Vending Machines

Healthier 4U Vending Machine - Front Access Door Opened

Healthier 4U Vending Machine – Front Access Door Opened

Of all the locations our specialists can help you find, college campuses can be exceptionally lucrative healthy vending machine business opportunities. Just look at the dynamics of these locations, and the demographics associated with them, to see what we mean.

College campuses have naturally high foot traffic. Students walking to and from class, faculty patrolling the grounds, and countless visitors coming to campus for lectures, projects, and events—all these people fill a relatively small space on a daily basis. And they’re all potential customers of a savvy healthy vending machine business owner.

Young Adults Tend to Be More Health Conscious

College students tend to be more socially-conscious than other demographics. This makes them prime customers for a healthy vending machine. They stay on top of what’s happening with the country, and they’re aware of how health and obesity epidemics are present. So they’re taking steps to change the way they eat, and they’re looking for all the opportunities they can find. What better option for a busy student than a healthy vending machine.

Many college students find it difficult to eat well at school. Dorms rarely have adequate cooking facilities. And students’ schedules are complicated. Vending machines traditionally become the go-to source for food when out and about. And recent studies have the shown that not only do healthier vending machines have the same sales potential as traditional machines, but the students actually feel better about the options and themselves when they have healthy vending machine opportunities.