Healthy Vending Machine That Attract Attention

Never just assume that because you have a great location you’re getting every available customer. Putting in a little bit of extra effort can go a long way toward getting people to notice, utilize, and spread the word about your healthy vending machines. 1-800-642-2148

No business can succeed without advertising. Thankfully, our healthier vending machines are attractive and well-designed enough to pull in a lot of attention all on their own. Just by setting up your healthy vending machine, you can draw in the crowds who are either interested in snacking healthy or who are just intrigued by the design and options. But the more you can do to make your machines stand out, the more business you’ll see. And one of the best ways to do that is by advertising the health benefits.

We’ve chosen to produce healthy vending machines because we believe in the concept of healthy food that’s also convenient. By using that message, and spreading the awareness of healthy options, you can help grow your business and provide a much-needed service to your customers. All it takes is a little creativity and ambition.

If you have one of your healthy vending machines set up in a school, you could work with the school’s nutrition program to promote the benefits of healthy snacking. If you’re set up in a gym or fitness center, you could provide well-researched information to potential customers in the form of posters or notes attached to bulletin boards. In a mall scenario, simpler palm cards could be created. Many stores will allow you to set stacks of cards in designated areas—especially if you slip the manager a free Luna bar. Be creative and be resourceful when it comes to promoting your healthy vending machine business.