Children are the future of this beautiful country of ours and they should be the primary focus. Healthier 4U vending promotes health and wellness through our turn-key healthy vending business. But getting our children off on the right track means more than just educating them on healthy choices and how to be responsible; it also means teaching and leading by example. That’s why we make it so easy to place our healthy vending machines in schools.

Healthy Snacks & Beverages In Our Schools – H4U Vending

Anti-Genetically Modified Organism

Healthier 4Y Vending Anti-Genetically Modified Organism Movement

Filling our school cafeterias with artificial, processed, non-food, teaches our children that that’s what they should be eating. They see what the adults have put in front of them, and they take it to heart. That lesson becomes something they live with for the rest of their lives. It doesn’t have to be the wrong lesson. We can help teach children that healthy options do exist, and that they can make the healthy choices that will benefit them for years to come.

The lessons don’t end with appearance. Kids taste the food. The instant they get a gulp of the sugary drinks and salty snacks, they’re hooked. And it’s hard to pry them away. By replacing those temptations with better options from healthy vending machines, children can be shown that health food doesn’t have to mean disgusting food.

Products That Are Healthy And Taste Amazing

Our products are specifically chosen to appeal to buyers of any age. They don’t scream health food from their appearance. And they sure don’t taste like something any kid would hate. So when our healthy vending machines are used to replace the old, unhealthy ones, the only difference the kids really notice will be the look—until they grow up and understand how much healthier they feel. And the difference parents and teachers notice in their students’ energy, fitness, and overall well-being will be astounding.

The Federal Government “Smart Snacks in Schools” Healthy Vending Program

We strongly believe that our children are our future and we must make changes in our countries diet and the food we consume on a daily basis. We’re promoting a healthier, longer and happier life through nutritional education and healthy vending machine availability. We believe in providing healthier snack & beverage choices within our school system. And the difference parents and teachers notice in their students’ energy, fitness, and overall well-being is astounding.

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