The Federal Government recently signed in legislation requiring schools to sell healthy snacks and beverages in all public schools. This mandate limits the amount of sugar, calories, sodium and fats that are allowed in consumables sold in the public school system.

You Would Never Guess These Products Were So Good For You!

Pop Chips Healthy Potato Chips

Pop Chips Healthy Potato Chips

Our healthy vending machines and the products that we vend are specifically chosen to appeal to buyers of any age group. The products we vend definitely don’t scream health food from their appearance.

And they sure don’t taste like something a kid dislike. So when our healthy vending machines are used to replace the old, unhealthy ones, the only difference the kids will really notice will be the look of the actual machine. And the aesthetic design of the machine is vibrant as well as beautiful and is guaranteed to attract the eye of all consumers.

We strongly believe that our children are our future and we must make changes in our countries diet and the food we consume on a daily basis. We’re promoting a healthier, longer and happier life through nutritional education and healthy vending machine availability.

We believe in providing healthier snack & beverage choices within our school system. And the difference parents and teachers notice in their students’ energy, fitness, and overall well-being is astounding.

Read The Federal Smart Snacks in Schools Mandate – Smart Snacks in Schools Standards

The Future Of The Vending Machine Industry

Brother Fuji Apple Crisp Healthy Snacks

Brother Fuji Apple Crisp Healthy Snacks

The future is looking bright for many industries. And those seeing the most growth are the ones that embrace technology and design their business models around the ways people actually live. So that’s exactly what we’re doing in the healthy vending business.

As we become more interconnected, lengthy, planned trips are giving way to more spontaneous outings that users take when they’re in the mood. Because so many people can work from anywhere, even businesspeople are operating on the go.

The health food industry has taken notice. And that’s why we’ve created the healthy vending machines that will power the people throughout their rapid and random days for decades.

While once the only options for food on the go were drastically unhealthy, now health-conscious individuals are seeing the value of eating right even when they’re out.

People Are More And More Aware of the Benefits of Healthy Vending

As people take their laptops, tablets, and phones to the mall, the park, or any number of other event centers, they want to stay connected to both their lives and their bodies. And they know how to stay informed.

You could stand in front of any vending machine and look up the ingredients of any product you wanted. You could learn the nutrition facts, the health benefits, and the warnings. That’s got to worry traditional vending machine operators. But it’s something we thrive on.

The Health & Wellness Industry Is The Next Bubble – Get In While You Can!

Google away! When you want to know how truly healthy our products are, we applaud you. And we embrace the future with open arms. We believe in what we’re doing. And we know the healthy vending machine business is going to continue to grow and in the future users will see to that.

It’s estimated that the health and wellness industry with be a trillion dollar market by the year 2017. There has never been a better time to start your own business in the healthy vending machine business. Learn more with ZERO Obligation!

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