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Healthy vending machines are doing more than just providing better options. They’re rethinking the way we look at the world of vending machines not just with their contents, but with their overall functionality as well.

Our healthy vending machines connect the health food market with the environmentally-friendly tech world through the use of energy-efficient LED lights and an EPA compliant design that uses 1/3 the power of traditional vending machines. And they can even be set on timers to only provide vending during certain hours of the day—that’s great for schools and any location with limited access.

Healthier 4U Vending Machine

The Healthier 4U Vending Machine

The Most Innovative Vending Machine On The Market Today

The Healthier 4U vending machine is the only healthy vending machine on the market that offers nine beverage options. And our tried-and-true coil design is much more efficient and effective than competitor’s conveyor belt systems. We’ve personally designed these machines to provide the best services and functionality available so our customers never have to shake the machine to get what they paid for and our franchisees never have to worry whether their healthy vending machine is in working order.

Our H4U healthy vending machines accept debit and credit cards, making them extremely convenient for every user. And each and every one of our machines offers the same convenience and ease of use to our franchisees by being a truly turn-key business opportunity. All you need to do is set up your healthy vending machine. The 350-item capacity means you won’t need to constantly restock. And thee outstanding, made-in-America construction means maintenance is minimal.

Come take a look for at the inner workings of our healthy vending machines. Visit our Healthier 4U Vending Machines feature page to get an in depth view of our innovative product.

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Healthier 4U Vending – The Choice to Eat Healthy

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