H4U  Fresh Healthy Vending Machines

Our Machines are American Made, the H4U ADA II InfraRed Healthy Vending Machine is of the highest quality and is easy to use and service as well as having cutting edge functionality.

The Healthier 4U Vending Machine Specifications

    • 350 Total Item Capacity – 20 Snack Items & 9 Beverages!
    • The Only Healthy Vending Machine with 9 Beverages and high capacity 16oz Can Dispensers- Functional Volume!
    • ADA Compliant Design
    • Accepts Debit and Credit
    • H4u-infraredCards Machine can be Programmed to vend only certain hours – Great For Schools
    • Infrared Vend Sensing Technology offering the best in delivery assurance
    • Eco Friendly – LED Lighting and EPA Compliant – Uses less than 1/3 the power of a traditional machine.
    • Digital Programmable Thermostat
    • Healthy Vending Machines Made in the USA

Healthier 4U Vending – The American Dream Machine

HeaThe Healthier 4U Vending - H4U ADA II InfraRed Healthy Vending Machinelthier4U Vending was founded on the simple principles of delivering a high quality healthy vending machine, productive healthy vending locations, and a franchise style business model with training to actually teach our H4U Affiliates to be successful. Our goal is to help you transition from your 9-5 job on into your very own Healthy Vending Business. The concept has been revolutionary in this industry and has proven that there is still room for American Made products when done right. Our factory has been manufacturing vending machines for 80 years here in the USA. Utilizing their massive buying power we get the best machine in the market for price that stuns the competition. It is easily the best overall value for a healthy vending machine, and has been a game changer in the Healthy Vending industry. See a short introductory video clip looking inside the best healthy vending machines in the market Here…

H4U Warranty and Guarantee’s

2 Year Warranty – The warranty is the best in the business with zero out of pocket expenses for the first 2 years. We cover parts, labor (500 certified technicians are available coast to coast), and shipping on everything for the first 24 months. This is the only warranty in the market that covers everything for a full 2 years. We also will be introducing an extended warranty that will allow you to extend the coverage for the life of the equipment (estimated at 12-15 years). Don’t let other warranties distract you with big promises of “lifetime” or “7 years” when in fact they are 1 year warranties with deductibles on parts that cost 2x the norm.

“Healthier 4U Vending provides you with a business opportunity that enables you to transition from your full time job into your very own successful Healthy Vending Business