One of the biggest differences between Healthier4U Vending and other opportunities available is that we are not a franchise. Franchise Business offer some benefits especially when in the highly competitive fast food industry but has numerous negatives.

1. Substantial Franchise Fees

Healthier4U Vending does not charge any fees or markup to cover the “National Brand”. The point of Franchise Fees are generally to continue to build brand recognition and advertise for their food or services. In the vending industry this nets little benefit to the Franchisee, as these advertisements are generally used to create more Franchisees not create machine users.

2. Franchise Business restricts territories and often require only certain products in your business

Healthier4U Vending does not limit your area of operation nor do we require you to use only certain items in your equipment. Healthier4U Vending provides a list of preferred products and prices. However, this also leaves you the full flexibility to use any products that you see fit. A Franchise Vending Business often require you to carry certain products and have to be sourced through their system leading to higher costs. We allow you to secure products using Healthier4U Buyers Group, or any method that nets you the best possible prices possible.

3. Franchise Business have been known to sell under-performing locations and keep the best as Corporate Stores

Healthier4U Vending does not compete against our machine owners by “cherry picking” the best locations to utilize for our own benefit. Franchise Vending Businesses often boast of hundreds of machines operating in direct competition against their clients. Do you think they give away the best locations or keep them for themselves? It creates an obvious conflict between then Franchisee and Franchise Company. We avoid such conflicts by focusing on your growth.

4. Franchise Business charge on-going fees or markup on merchandise that Franchisees are required to purchase

Healthier4U Vending is dedicated to helping our machine owners do the best they can as we are dependent not on fees and over rides on product, but on their expansion by adding more machines to their business.

5. Franchise Business often have complicated contracts

Healthier4U Vending does not offer complicated contracts or require lofty commitments from our machine owners, its a simple Purchase Agreement showing what each party provides and for what price. Keeping it simple and accessible for the average person.

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