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Healthier4U Vending, a wholly owned subsidiary of 21st Century Technologies Group, was launched in 2011 to be the premiere Healthy Vending Company in the world. Utilizing the expertise in manufacturing, propitiatory in house location services,  a superior business model for their affiliates including training; H4U has become the leader in the Healthy Vending Industry. With over 350 local H4U Affiliates and over 2,000 machines deployed throughout the United States, Healthier4U Vending is the industry’s gold standard.

Located in Las Vegas Nevada, H4U has a training facility where customers get educated on the various facets of being in the Healthy Vending Industry. With a high degree of technology and manufacturing know-how put into equipment it is our desire to also make an adequate amount of expertise available for our clients as well. Purchasing the equipment is only the first step when working with us as we intend to help you be successful in the industry.

Your Premiere American Made Healthy Vending Company

Healthier4U Vending manufactures a premium American manufactured Healthy Vending Machine. We use rolled steel and precision technology to manufacture the highest quality machine in the business.

We also supply top notch training and customer service to our clients. We provide training and hands on experience to you during a 2-Day Training Seminar with any package purchased. We have experts in each aspect of the business available to you: technical support, hardware support, business services and coaching, and sales and product support.

We offer support services generally only found with franchises, however, we don’t have territory limitations or association fees. We do not restrict your area of operation or limit your growth by weighing you down with excessive fees and burdens. As your business continues to grow we will strive to remain your equipment supplier not by contract, but by choice. We earn your business by providing top notch service and equipment with unmatched training and location procurement services.

We are a different from all other Healthy Vending Companies because we choose to be. Support, proprietary location services, and superior American made equipment just to name a few of the differences.

“Our business model is based on growing our H4U Affiliates businesses alongside them. We use our expertise and marketing muscle to help build each H4U Affiliate into a success. That local success translates into more growth for us as well” says Brian Swain.

Del and Brian Swain have crafted a business plan that is about shared success and continued growth and education of the marketplace. “We simply cannot be successful over the long term if we do not have successful local affiliates” says Del Swain.

Del and Brian Swain, the Father and Son duo that founded Healthier4U Vending, have put together the most robust and comprehensive training program in the industry. Their combined 40 years in the business of assisting business start-ups get off the ground, gives you the edge in setting up and ultimately operating your business. “We provide the best in machines, however, we also provide the business model and the training to actually operate the business” says Brian Swain. It is a full service company offering more than just machines, but expertise and support on how to be successful in the marketplace.

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