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The H4U ADAII Machine

The H4U ADA II InfraRed Healthy Vending Machine


Healthier4U Vending has revolutionary healthy vending machines backed by a Franchise style support system.   You independently own and operate these artfully branded, self-advertising healthy vending machines. Our unique American-made   healthy vending machines accept credit or debit cards. Included in the purchase price is training, white glove installation and locations for your new healthy vending machines. We utilize our own proprietary location specialists to find all of your new healthy vending vending machines a location in your area. You have 24-hour online remote access that allows you to instantly view sales figures, inventory needs, and maintenance requirements for your healthy vending machines. Healthier4U Vending provides hands-on franchise style training in Las Vegas, Nevada, exceptional customer service and support. We also provide you with the tools you need to operate a successful healthy vending franchise full or part time. Healthier4U Vending is the best choice of any Healthy Vending Business Opportunities or Healthy Vending Franchise.


Franchise Style Support Includes Locations

At Healthier4U Vending we provide not just machines and a business model, we also provide you with a selection of actual locations for you to place machines. We have in house experts that find locations for your machines in your area. Shortly after finalizing a Purchase Agreement you will be

Healthy Vending Location Specialist

Healthy Vending Location Specialist at H4U

assigned your location specialist who will do a brief interview with you about your projected business. Based on this information we will then begin the placement process by first finding some locations in your area that indeed want Healthier4U Vending Machines in their locations. We also utilize Facebook, LinkedIn, FreeHealthyVendingMachines.com , HealthyVendinginSchools.com all to find the best in locations.

Our location specialists will work with you to find the best locations that fit your needs both in geographic position, as well as your choice in types of locations you want us to locate for you (i.e. Schools, Gyms, etc.). Once we have some sites selected we will have you go review the locations, upon your approval of the locations we will setup the machine install. It’s that easy!

Healthier4U Corporate Offices and Training Facility – Las Vegas Nevada USA

Healthier4U Corporate Offices and Training Facility – Las Vegas Nevada USA

Healthy Vending with Franchise Style Support and Training

We Provide You with the Healthy Vending Business Plan, The Training and the Locations teaching You to Profit in Healthy Vending.


Healthier4U Vending was recently Ranked #17 of the Fastest Growing Franchises for 2014 by Franchise Gator. The future of Healthy Vending has arrived.

    • All our Healthy Vending Machines come with locations. We find locations in your area.
    • You get Healthy Vending Franchise style support without Franchise Fees and restrictions. The Best in Healthy Vending Machines Business Opportunities or Healthy Vending Franchises.
    • Utilizing The H4U Buyers Group, You Purchase Directly from Healthy Food Suppliers getting Negotiated Discounts without Middle Man Markup. No Contracts or Obligations
    • No Franchise Territory or Limitations on where you operate. This is your business to run as you see fit!
    • Extensive 2-Day Healthy Vending Franchise Style Training Package Included with Every Purchase. Teaching you to operate and profit from your Healthy Vending Business Opportunity. Everything from the initial setup to taxes and tax savings.
    • Made in America – Not just Assembled, but Made in America.
    • 2- Year All Inclusive Warranty.  No deductible with over priced parts, the longest all inclusive warranty in the industry.
    • Packages Starting under $20,000
    • Check out FaceBook to see some Healthy Vending Machines on Location

Franchise 100
Featured in FranchiseGator.com’s Franchise 100 Fastest Growing list for 2014


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