World Class Training Done the Right Way, Hands-On!

Our world class training program included in your business package is a major reason H4U continues to be an industry leader.  We don’t sell machines, we sell a lifestyle and this two day course held in beautiful Las Vegas, NV will give you every tool needed to be successful.

Developed by the staff at Healthier4U Vending  to cover everything you will need to hit the ground running, here is what you can expect to receive during training:

  1. Establishing your business
  2. Licensing
  3. Opening bank and merchant accounts
  4. Basic machine maintenance
  5. How to properly load and unload your new machines
  6. Stocking
  7. Inventory control
  8. Product procurement
  9. Tax tips, best practices, and much more.

The Healthy Vending Training Program gets you not just hands on time with the equipment but teaches you how to implement the business model needed to be successful.

When you complete the Healthier4U Healthy Vending Training Course, you not only understand the hardware of your business, you understand how to make money with our business model.

With reasonable growth plans and goals established during training you will be set up for success no matter what your commitment level of machines and locations may be.

healthier 4u vending shuttle parked at the westgate hotel and casino

2-Day Healthy Vending World Class Training Program in Las Vegas, NV

During the H4U Healthy Vending World Class Training Program you will be staying at the Westgate Hotel and Casino. We cover the cost of your room from Wednesday to Saturday. During training at our headquarters on Thursday and Friday we cater in lunches and arrange  your transportation needs back and forth to our facility.

Thursday ends at Del Friscos Steakhouse, with a great social dinner party. Get to know the H4U Team and network with your fellow affiliates over a fine meal!

healthier 4u vending founders brian swain and del swain sitting outside headquarters

Comprehensive Business Training

Del and Brian Swain, the Father and Son Founders of Healthier4U Vending, are experts in helping affiliates setup and ultimately operate their businesses.

They have put together a comprehensive Healthy Vending Training Program that starts with naming the business and picking a business structure, to managing the operations of the day to day business.

Even if you are experienced in business there is something for everyone to learn in this program. From taxes to operations and social networking, the experts at H4U give you the tools and business plan to succeed.

world class training at healthier 4u vending headquarters in las vegas

Additional Topics We Cover in Training

  • Business Planning and Development
  • Healthy Vending Business Tax Incentives
  • Nutrition Expert Consultation
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Networking your New Business
  • How the H4U Buyers Group works
  • Ordering Additional Product
  • Machine Placement Techniques and Tips
  • Inventory Management
  • Social Networking your New Healthy Vending Business

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