Vending Made Easy At Healthier 4U Vending!

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  • Vending Made Easy at Healthier 4U Vendings all starts with our Healthy Vending Machines.  You will receive a location for every machine you purchase and will be guided by our expert through every step of the process.  We have professional locating services in-house to find locations that are geographically convenient to you.
  • You get Healthy Vending Franchise Style Support without Franchise Fees and restrictions. Those fees and restrictions inhibit your ability to succeed and prosper.
  • Utilizing The H4U Buyers Group, you purchase directly from Healthy Food Suppliers getting negotiated discounts without middle man markup.  No Contracts or Obligations.  Healthy vending made easy through transparency.
  • No Franchise Territory or Limitations on where you choose to operate. This is your business to run as you see fit!
  • Extensive 2-Day Healthy Vending Franchise Style Training included with every purchase. Our team of experts will teach you to operate and profit from your Healthy Vending Business Opportunity. Upon completion of training, you will of received an A-Z education on each facet of your new business.  No information is ever spared when training our affiliates.
  • Made in America – The Best Machine at the Best Price.  We use proprietary equipment manufactured exclusively for Healthier 4U exclusively.  We command the best of the best from our factory, as our affiliates will attest to.
  • 2- Year All Inclusive Warranty.  No deductible, no red tape.  Don’t be confused by companies that include verbiage such as “lifetime” or “limited” when describing their warranty coverage.  Make sure to always ask for a copy in writing when considering your choices as most warranties in the market are “exclusionary” with page after page outlining what is not covered.  Our machines are backed by the longest all-inclusive warranty in the industry.
  • We even have Packages Starting under $30,000
  • Check out FaceBook to see some Healthy Vending Machines on Location
  • Take a tour of the H4U Corporate Office’s and Training Facility 

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