Healthier 4U Vending Milestone

Healthier4U Vending has reached another milestone in business. May 2014 marked the 3 year anniversary for H4U and it has been an amazing journey. Founded in 2011 to become the premiere healthy vending company, Healthier4U Vending has certainly made an impact in the market and changed the face of vending.

Father and Son duo, Del and Brian Swain, entered the vending market with no vending background but a combination of 40 years expertise in business startup. “Traditionally vending was a market I avoided because I didn’t like the products and the industry has a checkered reputation… Only when I saw the huge potential of Healthy Vending Machines provided with locations and real business training did I seriously consider this industry” says Co-founder Del Swain.

The vending business is about locations and healthy vending machines are thinly represented in the marketplace. In 2011, Del and Brian Swain decided it was time to revolutionize the industry. The Swains would provide the best healthy vending machines, locations, training, and real support for the H4U Affiliates. “When we came into this industry, we were simply under the radar of the bigger competitors and we went to work establishing our now, industry renowned vending machine location services.” “Everyone doubted we could provide American Made Machines with Guaranteed Machine locations and be competitive in price”. Says Co-Founder Brian Swain. Clearly the industry underestimated the tenacious resolve of Healthier4U Vending to do just that. Healthier4U Vending now enjoys servicing some of the world’s biggest hotel chains, gyms, factories, and school systems while doing so without excessive prices or forcing people to change eating habits, it is about giving those people that choose to eat healthy the opportunity to do just that. I want to give people more choices to live however they want, and our machine and local H4U Affiliates do just that. These first 3 years were exciting but not nearly as exciting as the next 3. We have the best team of professionals in the industry and our H4U Affiliates are really taking off. We expect to place another 400 machines in 2014 and surpass 1,000 locations in early 2015. Thanks to the H4U Team, our amazing H4U Affiliates and especially to my Father Del, who all make this revolution possible.” Co-Founder Brian Swain.

Congratulations to everyone involved and to those joining the Healthier4U Vending in the future.