Our first two years in Healthy Vending have really been exciting. We have already changed the face of the market and we are just getting started. We are the first major Healthy Vending Company to have our machines Made in The USA. Everyone said we would fail because Made in the USA is too

Celebrating our 2nd Anniversary!

Celebrating our 2nd Anniversary!

expensive and can’t compete with the cheaper import machines. WRONG! Then we went on to introduce an ADA compliant machine, 16oz high capacity can dispensers, digital thermostats, infrared vending sensing technology, and we have plans for much more. So not only are we priced to compete with those import units, we have superior machines with superior technology and the ability to engineer quickly to adapt to the marketplace demands.   All of these machine features we have innovated are operator driven improvements, not some misguided sales strategy to sell more machines. Our Affiliates success drives our sales.

When we came into this market we wanted to be the best at what we do, and we are proving that point on a daily basis. We are now the only non Franchise Company that offers in house proprietary machine location services. Our team of specialists that work here in Las Vegas find us the best locations for healthy machines all over the country. That has allowed our network of H4U Affiliates to grow faster than anyone ever predicted would happen.

We are leading the changes in the industry by doing exactly what the junk food companies and bulk candy merchandisers masquerading as healthy vending companies would not do; train our affiliates to succeed.  Simply put, they do not know how to succeed in this market because they don’t understand it. We have really shaken up these old dinosaurs and now they see that they should have prepared for the inevitable changes we are pressing into the market. Healthy Vending is here to stay, and those of us that embrace the technology and innovations of making a completely new industry, will watch those that didn’t fade away. We know that our H4U Affiliates Success will drive our successes as well. Like any good farmer knows; farm the dirt not the crop.  

With amazing growth and truly amazing H4U Affiliates, we see H4U being the not just the best, but the biggest Healthy Vending Machine Company in the market sooner rather than later. So grab a hold of this opportunity and ride it to the moon with us. We can’t wait to show you the new things we have in store to further cement our place, and yours, in this truly amazing industry.

The Heathier4U Team